Gwizz FAQ's

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GWiZZ will work with any SMTP server, but we believe Gmail offers the best deliverability. If you prefer to send emails using your own SMTP server or to use a service such as Sendgrid or Mailgun then you can. To do so select “Advanced Options” when adding a Campaign and change the SMTP from Gmail to the SMTP you wish to use.
If you are using a free gmail account the limit set by Google is 500 per day. If you are using Google Workspace then you can send up to 2,000 emails per day. These sending limits are per each email account so to send more emails you just need to add further gmail accounts.
We originally developed GWiZZ for our own in house use, however it worked so well for us we decided to share with others. It is intuitive to use and we included all the features needed in a simple to use web based application so you can be successful when sending your marketing emails.
No, we do not have access to your Gmail account. In order to link your Gmail account to GWiZZ you will need to add a Google App Password. As part of setting up this password Google requires you to add 2 step verification to your Gmail account. Both these steps will ensure the security of your Gmail account.
No, that is not possible. In order to create a Google App Password you will be required to add 2-step verification.
While this is possible to do, we do not recommend it as it could lead to your emails being sent to the recipients spam folder. Instead we recommend using the warm up scheduler to warm up your brand new email account by sending a small number of emails on day one, then increase the sending volume daily until you reach your optimum sending limit.
Your emails are sent from gmail and you will see them in your sent folder.
Email validation is a method of verifying if an email address is valid and deliverable. It also confirms if an email address has a reliable domain.
Each month your account is topped up with 5,000 email validation credits. Just before sending an email the address is checked to see if it meets a variety of criteria. This series of checks uses one email validation credit per email address. If the email address does not meet the sending criteria it will not be sent, protecting your sender reputation.
Any unused email validation credits roll over to the next month. If you don’t use them you will not lose them. Unused credits are always available as long as your account is active.
Yes they are currently available at just $1 per thousand. Other email validation services offering a similar quality of validation charge around $8 per thousand.