Why do you need GWiZZ when you already use Gmail?

Let's say you want to send 179 emails to a targeted list of recipients. You can theoretically do this using Gmail alone. But, it's not going to be effective and will be extremely time demanding - let’s take a quick look at the reasons why: 

  1. You send an email to one contact and BCC 178 recipients - this probably won’t work as Gmail will strip the BCC messages assuming it’s spam and even if they were sent they would not be personalized. The message would start something like Hello there, Hello friends, etc.
  2. Another danger is maybe some of those email contacts are no longer valid. The emails to those invalid email addresses will bounce and, while this may on the face of it seem like it's no big deal, it really is. Bounced emails begin to damage your sender reputation and when you damage your email sender reputation you’ll find most, or all, of the emails you send, will end up in your recipients' spam folder.
  3. Sending using Gmail alone, you would probably need to manage multiple spreadsheets. You absolutely need to manually maintain a suppression list in order to be legally compliant - this is a list of recipients that have unsubscribed. Every time you send an email to a new list you need to compare the new list against the suppression list to remove any previous unsubscribes. It's time-consuming and open to error.
  4. You will also probably need another set of spreadsheets or calculations to remove duplicate email addresses.  Deduping your list is good practice and avoids you from sending the same email multiple times to one recipient who will only get frustrated and probably end up unsubscribing.
  5. What if you want to exclude sending the email to certain email address types like certain domain extensions or Free email addresses like @gmail, @yahoo, etc? Or do you want to avoid sending to role-based emails like sales@ info@ etc?  To manually remove these email types from your list would be very time-consuming and again, open to error.
  6. Finally, sending through Gmail alone, how do you check your metrics? You’ll have no idea who, if anyone, has opened or read your email. 

Now, let's do exactly the same exercise but this time we’ll add GWiZZ into the mix. First, you spend two minutes adding your email address to your GWiZZ account. Then...

  1. Import your same 179 contacts. GWiZZ will get to work removing any duplicate email addresses and any that have previously unsubscribed. GWiZZ will also automatically filter out your choice of email types, domain extensions, and free email addresses. You are left with a clean list.
  2. Manage your unsubscribe list automatically.  GWiZZ actions any unsubscribe requests automatically and also maintains your unsubscribe list so that if that email address gets imported again, no emails will be sent to it.  This helps you remain legally compliant and ensures you are less likely to get reported for spam.
  3. You can personalize your message, so each email you send will be addressed as Hi Robert, Hello Tasha, etc. GWiZZ also allows you to personalize the subject line. This alone increases the chance of your email being opened by up to 60%.
  4. With GWiZZ you can schedule your emails to be sent over a period of time set by you. There is no advantage to you in all your emails being sent in a single moment and doing so makes them look like bulk emails which will have a negative impact on delivery. Instead, with GWiZZ, they are scheduled for Gmail to send them randomly one at a time between the hours you choose, making them look much more like transactional emails and increasing chances of inboxing.
  5. GWiZZ validates all your email addresses just at the point of sending.  This means you will be sending your messages to a highly accurate email list.  This is very important as it will substantially reduce the chances of your emails bouncing, thus maintaining or even improving your sender reputation.  A good sender reputation helps ensure your emails get inboxed and therefore get read.
  6. Track the emails sent, track those that have been opened, even track if the user has clicked your call to action. You can’t do this with Gmail alone. Being aware of your metrics allows you to target your marketing message much more efficiently. Discovering which emails were not opened allows you to send again - may be using a different subject line or email from address.

    GWiZZ is the perfect companion for both Gmail and Google Workspace accounts.  It is quick and easy to set up, offering multiple timesaving benefits and substantially increasing the chances of your emails being inboxed.

    It is time to upgrade your email marketing. Get GWiZZ today visit https://gwizz.io