Can you make money by email marketing?

You need 3 things:

  1. A product to sell:  This does not need to be your own product. Many people recommend selling affiliate products, however personally, I feel that the market is just way overcrowded and you don’t have anything proprietary - and therefore no leverage. So I’d recommend looking for a white label product.  A white label product is where you brand someone else's product as your own. It’s outside the scope of this post but if you’re looking for a product that’s trending right now visit OutsourceScreening you can white label this software as your own. If you're interested in learning more about this opportunity just email

  2. A list of targeted prospects: This is a list of prospects that would benefit from knowing about your product, offer, or service. The prospects need to be highly targeted and segmented into small numbers. To give you an example: if you’re promoting your own brand of OutsourceScreening, which is a recruiting software product, you could target internal recruiters within organizations of a certain size. Choose a geographical area, say the location where you operate, and then pick a specific industry or job role. The more you can segment the list the more personal and targeted you can make the email.

  3. Software to send your email marketing messages: Now, this is ESSENTIAL. Don’t just send the emails from your usual email account using the BCC function as this will not work and will probably result in all your carefully crafted emails ending up in the spam folder or not being sent at all. I recommend using specialty email marketing software such as  GWiZZ. It offers all the functionality you need to automate the process while executing the task safely and legally and getting your emails inboxed.

Ok, so this is the short version of what you must do to be successful when sending cold outreach emails. Don’t overcomplicate the process, just follow these 7 simple steps:

Step 1, Purchase a brand new domain name and get something that closely resembles your brand/product - e.g if your product is get This allows for brand recognition but doesn’t risk your main business email.  Sending any marketing emails you are risking recipients marking your email as spam - even if it isn’t spamming. So don’t ever expose your business brand email. 

Step 2, Create a Google Workspace account and create an email address for your new domain. Use your proper name - don’t be tempted to use a fake name - not only is it illegal but you want to be credible. Also, avoid using role-based emails like info@ or sales@ - you get a much better response being yourself.

Step 3, Create a GWiZZ account - simply connect your Google Workspace account and you have all the features of a professional email marketing application designed and built to maximize your results and automate your email marketing messages.

Step 4, Write your email. Personalize and rotate the subject lines, personalize the body copy, keep it short and to the point.  Don’t talk about you, instead focus on the benefits for the recipient. Don’t include spammy-looking links in the copy. Add your email signature including a phone number as this increases credibility and who wouldn’t want a lead calling them?

Step 5, Import your data, filtering out unwanted email types like role, based emails, and free email addresses. Also, filter certain domain extensions, all this functionality is built into GWiZZ

Step 6, Schedule sending your emails using the inbuilt warm-up scheduler. Send slowly and increase the sending volume daily. 

Step 7, Validate your emails prior to sending, this functionality is built into GWiZZ offering over 99% accuracy which protects your sender reputation and means your marketing messages are more likely to be inboxed.

Even if you don’t have a list you can try email marketing, just don’t spam. Send relevant emails to targeted prospects and you’ll get great results.